Sunday, January 15, 2023

Road Trip

 Today I took the Bunny Hop quilt on a road trip to Salem, OR. They are going to be in the Oregon Quilt Festival (formerly the Albany quilt show). The bunnies brought the pigs and chameleons along to keep them company. A lot of quilt shows restrict entries by the date they were made, but this show allows quilts that are a bit longer in the teeth, like these.

I took back my boxes and filled them with microspools. The next step is to sew them into four by four blocks. I did finally count them and I will have 144 six inch blocks. I can make a 72 inch square quilt, or a quilt that is 66 in by 78 in. 

This is Molly without the confines of a box.

Last, but not least, today is the beginning of the second challenge for Project Quilt, 2023. I am probably not giving too much away by showing you my starting pink scrap bin...given the theme for this week is PINK. I have decided what I'm going to do and one of the background references for this quilt is the book Drunk Tank Pink. Sadly, I only just now thought of the Drunken Path oh well. On with my first idea.


gayle said...

I had to google Drunk Tank Pink. All I can say is 'huh...'

Cathy said...

Well, the whole Drunk Tank Pink led me down a rabbit hole…… I was hoping to find one of your pink bunnies down the hole, but they’re in Salem. I’m surprised the boss let you have her box.

Linda Swanekamp said...

The bunnies look like they are waiting for the bus home. I just adore those microspools!

Julia G said...

I love the bunny quilt. I also love the pig and chameleon quilts. I saw your pig quilt at the Hampton Quilt Show way back when and signed up for your blog from that entry. So glad they're being seen by more people!

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Since it is close to New Year's Day, I thought of Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit when I saw your bunny quilt. Lots of good luck in your household. I knew about pink being a calming color but I didn't know that they actually painted jail cells pink. I had to google it too. My pink project is also in the works - it is being very pushy and doesn't want to be simple.