Thursday, January 5, 2023

Progress Fragments


This is as far as I got on the Fragments quilt before my anti-assistant joined in. This is the upper right corner to the middle.

Meanwhile, Buddy has learned a new t-word. If you say Treat or Toy, Buddy starts squealing in a high pitch whine and darting back and forth. Apparently, he likes treats and toys. However, he was the only cat that had to have a dental cleaning this year. So now they each get a few dental treats, and I call them Teeth. Now when he hears the word Teeth, he goes into his happy crazy dance. Unfortunately, unlike Molly, Buddy doesn't understand that he should chew these dental treats and he swallows them whole. I may have to start calling them "Waste of Time."


Linda In UK said...

What a lovely cat! Like your sewing too!

Dawn said...

Anti-assistant! I love it!

gayle said...

Anti-assistant! Of course! Now it all makes sense!

sue said...

I love this pattern, so scrap practical!

Susan said...

Anti-assistant--Good moniker for Buddy.
I like the colors and the emerging design of Fragments.