Thursday, January 26, 2023

Return to Fragments

I put the Fragments quilt top back on the design wall. And I have literally left it in fragments because I hadn't decided whether to enlarge it, and if so, how. Each unit is 3 inches finished so that would make the quilt 51 by 60 inches. Obviously not large enough for Buddy.

First I made it wider by adding a 3-unit column on both the right and left side...18 inches wider, that is.


And here I made it longer by adding four units in length so the quilt top will be 69 by 80 inches...once I sew it together (or defragment it as they don't ever say in the quilt biz.)


Sumac said...

That's a really nice design.

Susan said...

Looking great. Is it big enough for Buddy now?

gayle said...

Even Buddy must be pleased with the fit by now, right?
Love every fragment of this quilt, by the way!