Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Mind the Gap

I put two border strips on the seahorse top and started to sew the seahorse ear chips together when I realized that it was past my bedtime. Eeek. And no blog post yet. Do I skip a day (week, month, year) or what? The "what" turns out to be Molly posing in plaid.

And here is Buddy deep in thought thinking "What is thought?"  Thought is a t-word that is not Treat, Toy or Teeth.

And here is some fabric I picked up at a quilter's downsizing sale sometime during the summer blog gap.

And yes, some more. Because I feel a strong responsibility to use up as much of the fabric as I can, I dutifully cut a spool (2 inches by 3 inches) from each hunk of fabric with suitable patterns.


Beth in NH said...

Welcome back. Almost daily checking on your return. Molly and Buddy do keep you on your toes.

Quilter Kathy said...

Excellent stash acquisitions... well done!

Cindy B said...

Buddy is so handsome!!!!!! Nice stash!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Rosie has been adapting and becoming a studio cat, which means she is in the way a lot, which is fine with me. She also has become a pin thrower. Takes them out of the pincushion, throws them around, especially all over the floor. What a beautiful array of fabrics you showed!

Beth Strand said...

I do look forward to your posts! Thanks for brightening my day.