Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Wee Wednesday

So, no kidding. I was thinking it was Thursday and then I was trying to think back to the block I made on Tiny Tuesday. And I didn't make one because I forgot and it wasn't all that bad because it turns out its Wednesday. Whew!

Today's Tiny Tuesday is a spinning star presented by Zana's Ninis. Tiny Tuesday is sponsored by Angela at SoScrappy, home of the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge.

Meanwhile, I got the second I-spy quilt laid out. I informed both Buddy and Molly that the window for their input was closed. And just to make sure, I took them to a different room to play lazer mouse so their would be no gratuitous sliding through the design floor.

And here's Molly in the same bed that Buddy filled out. So yes, Molly rightfully retains her kitten status. Unfortunately, Buddy is becoming quite full of himself and seems to be enjoying his new status as "Fat Cat."


  1. The more of these Tiny RSC blocks, the more I am tempted. Maybe I can catch up with the play in a couple of months.

  2. I love that sweet little star! And your sweet little kitten! And your sweet little... umm... pony!