Sunday, January 1, 2023

Where Were We

A new year might be a good time to check in and make sure the blog hasn't been taken over by a billionaire or a cat with nothing better to do. And it hasn't. So let me show my progress on the microspools...and yes, they have all been joined into groups of four. 

I have not counted them because all that would do is tell me that I either have too many or too few, and that's not a good way to start a new year.

Molly is expecting a better year, especially because the last week has been close to tragic for her. Her staff had problems with her back and couldn't bend over. In one instance, Molly was waiting politely at her bowl, when staff let her food crash to floor and some bits of kibble actually hit Molly. The pain of indignation is unforgettable. Then later in the week, her heated bed was no longer warm.

Then the whole house got cold, staff muttered a lot, then decided to dismantle the design wall and shelving in front of the weird black hole. 

Then weirder things started happening in the driveway (and down the street).

Now the useless staff just stares at the dismantled design wall and the chaos of the sewing room, and mutters "I love electricity" over and over.

Meanwhile, Buddy completed his assessment of his accomplishments during 2022 and has begun the pursuit of his goals for 2023.


Vireya said...

Happy new year to you and the cats!

I hope the electricity is back and Molly's house is properly warm again.

Cathy said...

Oh my, it sounds like it’s been a trial for cats and humans alike. I hope you had plenty of quilts on hand to cuddle up in. Hope to “see” more of you in 2023.

gayle said...

Poor poor Molly. She'll have to have a long talk with staff about proper scheduling of their little "emergencies"...
Good for Buddy, though, for not letting petty events distract him from important goals.

gayle said...

(PS: Missed you! Happy New Year!)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your recent troubles, but I'm so glad you've posted!

Andrea in Mo

Susan said...

I feel the cold with you. We love electricity too (when it's working properly. Glad to see the post and know all is "mostly" well with you and the cats. I hope 2023 is better for all of you and yours.

MissPat said...

Looks like Buddy has the right idea. Just lay back and wait for something interesting to happen. Sorry you've had mechanical problems for both you and the house. Hope all is well now.