Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Bad Buddy

I am spending most of my time quilting the spools quilt...I used to call them microspools until I saw the work of folks who really do micro piecing. These finish at a relatively large 1.5 inches. And as I was quilting it I found a spool that had a Buddy gash. 

Happily, I found a hunk of the original fabric in the bin of brown scraps.

I extracted the gashed piece.

Then I stitched in the replacement piece by hand. Although it's fixed, Buddy is still in the dog house...where he will stay until his next bout of bad behavior. Then I will take him out of the dog house so I can put him in again.

And here's an early warning that the March fabric giveaway will be posted on March 1...where you can have a chance to win fabric without Buddy gashes.



Hubblebird said...

Have you ever considered asking an overseas quilter that is interested in being a part of the giveaway to pay for the postage? I’m not sure how this would work, except to say that I am someone that would be interested in doing this in order to get their mitts on some of your wonderful stash. Especially as I have a small stash, and I’m particular about adding to it, unless it’s something that I really, really like!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Buddy! But, wait, did you DNA test? Could he be being framed?

gayle said...

Oh, Buddy. Or oh, Molly, in case it was her and she's just sticking the blame on Buddy.
(And is it just me or is that purple spool just to the right of the repaired spool looking at me funny?)

Claire said...

The good news is that you had matching scrap and the finished product looks good.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Oh that rascal Buddy? Are you sure he wasn’t practicing with scissors?