Thursday, February 15, 2024


My sewing time has been devoted exclusively to machine quilting the seahorse and charming spools quilts and chasing after Molly...only one of which might be slightly interesting for a blog post. So I was happy to see an octopus stop by...except it may be a predator of the seahorses. The octopus block is 9 inches finished and doesn't seem to have any functioning mouth parts.

Unfortunately Molly does have functioning mouth parts, so in an unguarded moment of neglect (no cover on the Juki) she grabbed a mouthful of thread and ran. We both panicked and did our best keystone cop routine until I finally decided to use a few brain cells. I sat down and started brushing Buddy...and, of course, Molly and dangling thread didn't want to miss out and I just happened to have scissors next to me...  In the aftermath, I have turned security measures up to 11 out of 10 while Molly has returned to her baseline naughty of 12 out of 10.


Anonymous said...

I see an alien with a mustache…..must be Molly’s influence!

Sally said...

I love the Octopus! Have been listening to Remarkably Bright Creatures on repeat and would love to make an octopus.

cbott said...
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cbott said...

The thing about octopi is their mouths are hidden in the middle of all those limbs. The block is totally believable (and totally awesome).

When my Zoe makes her Great Escape through the back door, I just have to sit on the bench in the back yard. Her desire for scritches far outweighs her desire to explore beyond the fence, and she falls for those 5 fingers every time.


gayle said...

I LOVE your lotsa-leggers friend!

Susan said...

Cute octopus.

P.S. The fabric I won was perfect.