Friday, February 2, 2024

More Quilting

Quilting the seahorse quilt can be a bit tedious, so I am alternating between the seahorses and the spools quilt. For the spools, I am sewing along the length of each spool so I am walking along the indent of a spool on the right and then to the left as I move down/across the quilt.

I have not worked with this quilt in a while, so it is fun revisiting all the different fabrics as I move across the quilt. 

Here's Molly sleeping in her princess tent. Today we had a rousing playtime. We began with a mouse on a wand...which has a bell attached that alerted Buddy (AKA FOMO) that Molly was having fun. He usually busts in and takes over, but this time he just watched intently from the side. (He also ignored the toy when I tried to share playtime). Then I switched to the laser mouse which Molly was enjoying a lot until Buddy came up to me, asked for the laser mouse toy, took it by its handle, and walked off and dropped it by his food dish in the kitchen. 



Anonymous said...

It would be fun to receive an envelope of any fabric.; no matter which feline chooses.


gayle said...

The laser mouse must have looked hungry...