Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Even Tardier Tiny Tuesday

I didn't realize until late in the day that it was Wednesday and that I had missed Tiny Tuesday. Apparently there was a microsecond between buying and selling a house, that Angela at SoScrappy also missed Tiny Tuesday. It seemed obvious that the block would be a Nine Patch of Microspools...but my predictive powers are weak, and instead the official Tiny Tuesday Tutorial is an adorable umbrella.

Oh well, I didn't find that out until AFTER I made this tutorial...

To make a microspool, cut two 1 by 2 inch rectangles of background fabric and one 1 by 2 inch rectangle of spool fabric (green). Also cut four 1 inch squares of spool fabric (green).

Sew two squares of the green fabric to the background fabric to make two flip triangles. You can sew them in one pass as shown on the left. Finger press or iron back the triangles and cut away the excess in the back of the triangle.

Next, sew the outer parts of the spool to the center.

This block is 2 inches unfinished and 1.5 inches finished. Rinse and repeat eight times. That is, make nine microspools.

Once you've made nine of them, sew them together. The corners will nest together nicely. And watch where the seams come together at the points so they don't get lopped off.


  1. Smitty and Sadie noticed. They aren’t happy about living in an RV right now, which means they’re spending far too much time on the internet.

    1. I Love your kitties sense of humor, as well as yours Barbara!

  2. I love your microspools and hoped you would share your pattern. I made a few green spools and they are freaking adorable. Another quilting distraction? You betcha! Thanks so much.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial - I'm pretty sure there are a few of these itties in my future!

  4. Do you sew these under a microscope?? LOL

  5. Oh! Now, these tiny Spools are right up my alley!! It's going to difficult to resist their call.

  6. And Sally, these are darling little spools. Hope you don't mind but I cut and pasted the tutorial to my computers memory. These would be darling in one of my next little quilts.