Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Tiny Tuesday Log Cabin

Here's my Tiny Tuesday log cabin. Today, Angela is both sponsoring and providing the tutorial for her Tiny Tuesday block on her SoScrappy blog.  Just to prove how productive and organized she is, she's doing all of this in the middle of a move. The mere mention of moving makes my eye twitch.

Meanwhile, I wonder hoot is giving the tutorial next week and what the block will be.

Here's Buddy helping me organize my green scraps. Yesterday, he came up to me and made a very soft mew sound. I could hear it, so either my hearing has changed or he has lowered his mews an octave down into the range of human hearing. I told him in a minute I would come to play. When he heard the word play, he ran off to the scrap pile where laser mice roam. Definitely a dog.

And getting quilts ready for the quilt show has upset their routine. Lately, I have been sitting in a new place for sewing binding...a rare activity in this household. This morning I found Buddy had left one of his furball toys on the chair for me. Definitely a dog times two.

Surrounding the speedy chickens with chicken wire feels like it's taking forever. And note to self and others, when using interfacing as a template, make sure the template is on the left side of the needle or it gets roiled in the mess under the harp of sewing machine. Otherwise, you will have a visit from Mister Seamripper.

And now you can decide between coincidence or conspiracy...yesterday morning as I was driving to my local quilt guild meeting, I was passing through a residential area and a chicken ran across the road right in front of me. It was a speedy chicken so I didn't even have to slam on the brakes. And yes, the first question to come to mind is "why is that chicken crossing the road" and the second question was "coincidence or conspiracy?" And after a visit to the Google, I concluded that it was a Plymouth Rock chicken (obviously on the wrong side of the country).


Sue SA said...

Insert hysterical laughing emoji! The vision of you seeing a speeding chicken crossing the road, has brightened my day no end, thanks for the laugh!

gayle said...

The problem with a visit from Mr Seamripper is that he always outstays his welcome. Go home now, Jack.
I'm glad your speedy chicken made it across the road. It's probably doing the chicken equivalent of a blogpost, telling all the other chickens about its narrow escape.

Linda in Arkansas said...

Hahaha! Love your chicken questions!