Sunday, March 24, 2019

Return to Sanity and Home Again

Here's the Demented Garden Mosaic quilt on display at the Northwest Quilters' Festival of Quilts. The show was set up on Thursday and the show was open on Friday and Saturday. Tear down was Saturday night.

And who was the most neglected and abused during this time: this blog, sad forlorn kittens or my feet. Since my feet are still throbbing and the kittens are all ready ignoring me, the feet win. That is, lose. A concrete floor is merciless.

Here is the bounding bunny quilt.

I also had three other quilts in the exhibit but I didn't get a chance to take their picture. Or any of the other quilts in the show.

Okay, I may have found some time to buy some fabric...but given I was the vendor liaison, we could call it part of my volunteer duties.


  1. I bet DGM got lots of comments! The bunnies are so cute!

  2. The bunnies look so great! I love the little checkerboard border.

  3. both quilts are wonderful, and so different!