Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The return of microspools

The chameleons and I came to a mutual agreement of taking a break from each other. Plus, the chameleons aren't too sure if they like the idea of quilting. They thought being pierced by needles and strung with thread seemed barbaric. So I took our time off and made some microspools. We had a quilt guild meeting last night and these were the bits of fabric I grabbed. I was quite restrained.

As a reminder, I'm making a charm quilt of microspools...each finished spool is 1.5 inches. If I remember correctly, the quilt needs 1600 microspools to finish at 60 inches square.


  1. I imagine the chameleons are sitting and snickering now that they’ve convinced you to make 1600 microspools. That should put off any quilting for quite some time.

  2. Hail the return of the micro spools, love them!