Thursday, June 20, 2024

Unfinished Projects

 I discovered a few unfinished quilting projects in the estate sale bin...although to be fair, I don't know if these projects were completed and the plastic bags were extra pieces or an unfinished project. The package of fan blades had some sections sewn together by hand, each using different techniques. I sorted the blades by fabric and expect to harvest them into postage stamps and/or spools. But then again, a charm tumbler quilt might be in my future.

Some of the fabrics seem to be actual vintage 30s while others are 30s reproductions. But a lot of them are calicos from the early 80s.

And this was a total surprise...Kaffe fabric half-square triangles. I think they are intended to be 2.25 inches unfinished, but I suspect they would need to be trimmed to 2 inches for uniformity. I have an extreme allergy to half-square triangles and these are too small for me to harvest.


Cherie Moore said...

Two inch HST’s are a great size for small quilts! I love them but I can’t remember seeing a small quilt you’ve made…..only large one from exceedingly small pieces…..micro spools, I’m looking at you! said...

I too find HSTs interesting. You could always include them in a give away. Crazy how much was in the "scraps" of that estate sale!

cbott said...

I make teeny HTSs ('half triangle squares' makes more sense to my brain than 'half square triangles'), then sew four together into a pinwheel pattern, then use the pinwheel in the center of a 9-patch. These seem ginormous compared to mine!

Was it you who was deconstructing ties a while back, with a discussion about wooden wood ducks? That's what I thought was going on again when I saw the first picture.


gayle said...

Do you think those HSTs were bonus triangles from some other project? That would explain the odd finished size.
What a lot of goodies you scored in your estate adventure!

Susan said...

I think I recognize a few of the 80's calicos in the fan blades. The red and green Kafee half square triangles remind me of raspberries and kiwi. I had to enlarge the picture to make sure:-)

Linda Swanekamp said...

I can deal with HSTs up to 1 1/2" ok. I use the clearly perfect slotted trimmer to trim them when they are still folded as a triangle so only 2 cuts are made. But then, I cannot deal with paper piecing, so there you go.