Friday, January 11, 2019


Yesterday I showed this fabric in black and white...and this is the same fabric with colors. I will probably use this fabric for fussy cutting.

I bought my fabric from Hancocks of Paducah...but I haven't looked to see if they still have it or if its available elsewhere. In any case, here is the selvedge for looking for it online. (If you wish...)

And this is Molly's heated bed. I purchased mine through but you can probably find this in real life or at your favorite online outlets. This is a small version of the bed. Buddy has a tendency to take over Molly's favorite sleeping spots, so I am hoping that this will allow them to both the area in front of the picture window. It is too small for him to use as a cup but I suspect one day I will discover it flattened into a pancake.

I think these beds come as heating pads in case your cat likes more of a platform than a nest.


  1. Thank you so much for the info on the fabric and heated kitty bed. I see that it says "indoor". The heating pad I have inside of a quilt for the outdoor feral kitty is actually my "personal" indoor heating pad, so I am sure this would work for him. I love all of the info we quilters share with each other, quilting and non-quilting. And I am still in love with Buddy's fabulous blue eyes.

  2. Both of these products look really interesting. The cat fabric is fabulous, and a bed that only warms when there is heat on it sounds like it would be good for humans too!

  3. What will they think of next? Luckily, we have one lap per cat; however, I’m sure the cats would prefer the bed since it wouldn’t need to get up every hour or so to pee.

  4. If the bed comes in pony-size, then Buddy will be all set!
    Thanks for the info on the fabulous kitty spiral fabric - it's pretty irresistible!